About the company

UAB “Europierius” was established in 2001 and started its activities from the collection of recyclables and their preparation for recycling.

Today the company has got branches in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. The company has document shedders and, waste packaging and pressing equipment for sale or rental and also offers its customers equipment maintenance and waste transportation services.

UAB “Europierius” will show you how to handle your household waste paper and other recyclables. We keep pace with the current requirements.

We strive to make our environment clean. We place extremely high quality requirements on our buying points. Paper recycling helps to conserve our resources, therefore we appreciate greatly the valuable materials contained in waste paper and in the future we will make efforts to produce as much recycled paper as possible. Finally, UAB “Europierius” is ready to repay your efforts and dedication to waste paper collection and sorting.